Citizans from more than 50 countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and the United States can stay in Thailand for 30 days maximum without visa if they arrive at an International Airport. You need a confirmed transit- or return ticket.

The residence permit for 30 days is stamped into you passport (visa-on-arrival or transit visa). On entry of the country overland the residence permit is restricted to 15 days. Tourits visa (up to 60 days stays) or non-immigrant-visa (max 90 days stay) are issued by a diplomatic mission abroad. Non-immigrant visa are usually only issued for business travellers with a confirmation of the company. For tourists and non-immigrant visas either 2 (double entry visa) or more entries (re-entry-permits) can be applied for. You get a visa at your travel agency, the Thai embassy or the visa central office.

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